Turnover requirements are a requirement from the casino that you as a player must meet before you can make a withdrawal. When you play casino online and take part in a casino bonus, you will automatically receive a turnover requirement on your money before you can make a withdrawal. If the turnover requirement did not exist, you as a player could make a deposit, take your bonus and immediately make a withdrawal. The turnover requirement thus becomes a hook from the casino you as a player. The turnover requirement varies from online casino to online casino. It also varies between different casino bonuses where some are better than others.

When you have checked how big the turnover requirement is, you have to find out if the requirement only applies to the bonus? In some cases, it is stated in the rules and conditions for the bonus that the requirement applies to both deposit + bonus. If the wagering requirement applies to both deposit and bonus, you immediately get a much higher wagering requirement. Here we explain the difference in two examples.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to read about the wagering requirements that apply to the bonus you intend to take part in. We usually talk about a turnover requirement being humane. This means that it must be realistic for you as a player to be able to achieve. Here are some questions to ask yourself about wagering requirements.

There is usually always an upper limit for how much you can bet on a single spin when you have to complete the wagering requirement. Since your money is locked while you are trying to fulfill the turnover requirement, many people take chances and play with higher stakes. The online casinos here are afraid that with the help of the bonus you will take a chance and play a very high game and thus win big. Therefore, there is usually a rule that says you can bet a maximum of spin. If there is such a rule and you bet higher, there is a great risk that the online casino will cancel your bonus and any winnings that you have taken part in.

Turnover is not how much money you deposit into the online casino. The turnover is instead based on how much you bet. Let’s say you opened a casino game and chose to bet per spin. In the selected casino game you spin 5 times. Regardless of whether you win or lose on your spins, you have bet.

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