Online casino payouts

Online casino payouts

If you have won a good amount at an online casino, then of course you only want one thing: enjoy your winning amount as quickly as possible. First, the Online Casino requests all types of copies of documents so that your identity can be verified. Expect at least 2 working days and sometimes longer. Your payment must then be approved (1 working day) and to make matters worse, it takes another 3-4 working days before the money is in your bank account. Before you have the money in your account, you will be more than a week longer, especially if there is a weekend in between. And all while the money is waiting for your account, with all the pitfalls and temptations that come with it.

How easy is it to make a so-called “reverse withdrawal” and use your money before you get it? Fortunately, there are a number of ways that ensure you get your money faster. How does it sound when you have each payment in your account within 2 hours? Even on the weekend? We’ll show you how. The most important rule for you to get paid out as quickly as possible by an online casino: choose a casino that pays out quickly. This is of course a very logical thought, but unfortunately many players skip this step. The right choice for an online casino can sometimes save days when we look at the payouts.

Some online casinos take a few days to pay out money. Fortunately, there are also online casinos where you have your winnings in your account within a day, and sometimes even within minutes. Transferring money to an E-wallet like Skrill or Neteller is much faster than transferring money to a bank account or credit card. As soon as your payout has been approved by the online casino, a payout to an E-wallet will be credited directly to your account.

Compare that to transferring money to a bank account, where it often takes between 1 and 5 business days for approval before the money is actually in your bank account. All online casinos accept payments with Skrill and Neteller. Keep in mind that some online casinos do not entitle you to a welcome bonus if you use Neteller or Skrill as your payment method. Therefore, always read the bonus terms first before you decide to deposit money with an E-wallet.

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