Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

The definition of a casino bonus can be explained by either a long or a short formula. We are trying to illustrate this here both comprehensively and in an easy-to-understand way. The casino bonus is an advantage offered by the online casino to the customer, i.e. the player. The benefit is usually obtained by creating a gaming account at the online casino and making the first deposit. The casino bonus is always expressed as a percentage and at the same time, the amount of money you can get with that bonus offer is also stated. In this case, you will receive a maximum of 100 euros of extra play money on top of your own, deposited amount

So how did it go? Yes, it is a little difficult to discern at first. If the bonus is 100% up to a maximum of 100€, then you will practically get double your 100€ deposit. So, after depositing, your game account will have 200€, of which 100€ is the money you have deposited, which is not subject to any redemption conditions, and an extra €100 bonus money, which may have a redemption requirement or other conditions, for example. The maximum of one hundred euros, therefore, means the largest amount of bonus money that you can receive with the deposit. Of course, you can deposit even 500 euros into the game account, but in that example, the bonus money will still be only that 100€ on top. In this situation, the balance of your game account would be 600€.

Sometimes this issue has been hotly debated because by some definition, deposit-free bonuses are not official casino bonuses. According to the encyclopedia definition, a bonus is an additional bonus over some existing money. Since opening a gaming account is not in itself a monetary performance of any sort, technically speaking, the play money or free spins obtained from it are only a gift. A gift to attract players to the casino and make the first deposit.

Usually, deposit-free bonuses are therefore a different matter in colloquial language than a casino bonus, but this is just terminology. A similar debate is also taking place over the term free play money. For others, it means play money that is similar to the money deposited into a gaming account through a deposit. For others, bonus money, i.e. game money with certain conditions. In any case, most online casino players understand a casino bonus as a bonus that comes through a deposit.

The VIP bonus, on the other hand, refers to bonuses earned by loyal customers, through active gaming through the loyalty program. So they are a different matter from the deposit bonuses that are available for new players with the welcome pack. Once the welcome bonuses are used, online casinos tend to forget about the player completely. In terms of online casino bonuses, it’s worth finding out if hard-earned long-run gaming is rewarded at all. You can research the matter through the pages and if no mention is made, then ask customer service, for example, if the online casino has any loyalty program and what are the benefits.

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