No Limit Texas Holdem

No Limit Texas Holdem

A round of play is called a hand in poker. Playing a hand consists of three parts; the preparations, playing the hand and the showdown. These three parts are examined in more detail.

The Preparations
The preparations for playing a hand of poker consist of three things.

Dealer Button
When you play in a casino or during a Poker Tournament, there is usually a dealer. He shuffles the cards and deals them out. In a less professional environment, such as a company canteen or living room, you have to do the work yourself. In poker, a dealer is designated to play along. That’s why every poker game has a dealer button. It lies with the player whose turn it is to deal the hand in question if there is no outside dealer. Even if you are playing against a computer there is a dealer button. This button advances one player each hand.

Two Players Pay A Blind
Prior to the game, two of the participating players must already make a bet. That’s called a big and a small blind. The amount of the bet determines the size of the pots and stimulates the action in the game. The big blind is almost always twice as big as the small blind. The obligation to post a blind shifts after each hand, so that everyone gets a turn. The player immediately to the left of the dealer posts the small blind and the player to the left immediately after that posts the big blind.

Deal Two Cards To Each Other
The dealer will start dealing the cards after betting the blinds. That happens counterclockwise. The first player to receive a card sits immediately to the left of the dealer. That’s the same player who posted the small blind. The cards are dealt face down and may only be viewed by the players. As a player you have to pay attention that no one can see your cards, because then you immediately have a backlog when playing poker.

Playing The Hand
Playing a hand also consists of different parts. Typical poker terms are used during play, such as folding, checking, raising and calling.

The First Betting Round
When everyone has two face down cards, the betting can begin. The first player to act is the player to the left of the big blind player. Depending on his starting cards, this player has a goal in mind. If he has good cards he will want to win as much as possible. With bad cards he will try to limit the loss. He has three options. The first option is to call, or call the pot without raising the bet. You call by placing the value of the big blind in the middle.

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