New casinos appear at regular intervals and there are a large number of casinos to choose from. Usually, a new casino is better in some areas than those that have been for a while, although of course there are exceptions here as well. What usually distinguishes a new casino is a modern design, a large selection of games and generous welcome bonuses.

How many new casinos will be released in 2022?
2022 will most likely be similar to the previous years after the gaming license was introduced when it comes to new casinos. These years are characterized by a clearly slower pace of new launches than before the game rules. As usual, we will review all the latest casinos on, so stay tuned here during the year to be first with the latest.

What do we have to expect from the casino year 2022? We believe in more casinos from the industry giants, more players with Pay’N Play with fast registration, and addition continued renovations of several of the older casinos that have not kept up when it comes to design and range. Here we expect them to continue to approach the competition in the range of casino games and that they may even surprise when it comes to bonuses.

Focus on mobile games
In a market with a larger range than is clear, it is close to the requirement to also offer mobile-adapted casinos for a freer gaming experience. Today, there are various opportunities for companies to provide this function. HTML5 technology is a technology used to adapt a website to smaller screens e.g. mobile or tablet. Non-mobile pages will e.g. not zoom and scroll as they should, leading to a messy overall experience. Customizing the gaming page or offering a downloadable app to use via iOS or Android are usually the most popular options. A downloadable app should be free to download and should include the ability to play for free before deciding.

Games with responsibility & safety
Profiling oneself as responsible and reliable is becoming more and more of a trend in connection with the market growth. It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, that you as a new player want a safe and secure gaming experience. Most casinos are relatively secure, so it is primarily a matter of how the companies convey their responsibility. Gambling addiction is a real problem and if a site seems to take responsibility, through links to gambling addiction help, with game breaks, self-tests, game limits and cooling-off periods and guides for people with problems, the site can be seen as more reliable than the alternatives. Great focus on the customer’s health seems to be a trend that is spreading more and more among newly started casinos.

To focus on responsibility, maybe a sales ploy but it does not detract from the importance of the service being increasingly seen as a matter of course for new companies to build their brand around. Some online casinos put extra gunpowder on profiling themselves as responsible, which also seems to resonate in the market.

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