How to win betting

How to win betting

It is also possible to make money with betting bonuses, although it is a little more time-consuming and the winnings are smaller than in casino bonuses. There is then again minimal variance to replace this. In practice, there are two options, the first with completely safe money and the second with a little more risk. With harder risk, less work, and the chance to win more: the player simply takes the bonus and puts the entire cash in one item that meets the multiplier requirement. This way, you can quickly multiply the deposit and bonus offered by the online casinos and get away with the immediate redemption at

If you win then you can do the same again or spread your stakes to two or three targets or move on to a safer strategy. Another version of the same tactic is, for example, to put part of the cashier in an away win, for example, and a part in a draw. This drops the risk, but also the amount of profit. This tactic may be prohibited, so check the bonus terms first.

Truly professional sports betting takes place through counter-betting. Here, for example, in a tennis match, player bets on player A’s entire pot and then searches the internet for another betting place to place a counter-bet on player B. The amount of the counter bet must be proportional to the first bet so that the payout of both is as equal as possible. This is how the match ends anyway so the player wins. Naturally, it would be best that the counter bet should always win it because then you will lose the bonus and thus you will win immediately without any requirements and you can move on to the next bonus.

Did you know that you can also bet on your phone? Many online casinos offer the ability to bet via the mobile version easily on your own phone or tablet, so you can bet on your own favorite team while on the go. Mobile-optimized betting sites work best on touchscreen smart devices with a large enough screen. The mobile side is usually a simplified version of a regular online casino, so it works neatly on almost any smart device from iPads and tablets to Android and iPhone phones, and most Windows phones.

You don’t usually need special apps to bet on your smart device, just opening a mobile website is enough. For example, we recommend trying out the mobile betting side of BetHard, which offers a generous betting bonus, allowing you to bet on most favorite sports leagues on your phone anywhere, anytime. The mobile betting side of Bet online casino, which was renewed last year, is, thanks to its stunning graphics and functionality, a top mobile casino, which is definitely worth a visit for those looking for a user-friendly mobile betting site.

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