How to Play Slots

How to Play Slots

The original slot machine designed by Charles Fey is hardly recognizable when looking at modern-day games. With the advancement of technology graphic designers and computer programmers have free reign to go wild with the designs and features of each slot machine. The days of “loose” and “tight” machines are gone, with every pull of the arm being a random event.

Land based casinos do have space limitations so when it comes to playing slot machines in online casino , online is the way to go. Not only are there a throng of choices online, there is a multitude of play methods that have developed over the years – where before it was the simplistic three-symbol line-up in the centre of the screen, nowadays you can bear witness to 5-reel slots that zigzag haphazardly around the screen, creating an even more exciting arena for playing the slots online. The latest online slot machine craze combines the computerized animation with the super –multi-pay line slots game to create a 3-D slots game that is sure to attract a lot of participants.

The Rules

Following the trend of the industry, slot machines are easy to play. Simply insert your coin (a slot club card online) and pull the arm (push the button online) to begin the spinning. Modern machines have features to note:

Activate Your Pay line

Most machines have more than one pay line – players are required to activate the pay lines of their choice in order to win. If a player wins with an inactive pay line, the prize is lost. The multi-pay line slots are for serious enthusiasts, so it’s advised to find a machine that suits your bank roll.

Play the Progressive Jackpot for a Big Win

A small amount of each bet is allocated to the Progressive Jackpot, thus every payout from these machines is slightly less, but when you play for the Progressive Jackpot, you’re up for a significant cash prize.

Buy-A-Play Slots

The player decides which winning combination they would prefer to play for. These slots usually accept up to three coins – play one to win one combination, two or three for more combinations.

Strategy of Slots

Due to the modern-day version of slots machines being automated, there are no longer “loose” or “tight” slots machines. Though there is an absence of strategy with slots, there are a few pitfalls to avoid.

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