Hold’em is a very simple variant of the game, but it is important that you have a grasp of a few things before you start. After all, this is a strategic game, so it can be good to have just one strategy. It is important to keep your head on the shaft and start the brain office to figure out potential results. An experienced player knows exactly when to fold and when to continue with the hand. To make it easier to understand the meaning of certain terms that appear in the game, we go through what they mean. We go through the most common ones that you are guaranteed to come across during the course of the game.

Dealer button

A button called the dealer button is dealt to one of the online casino players in the first round. This button rotates clockwise and represents who is dealing the cards. The person who deals the cards is the last in the round to call, raise, check or fold.


since texas hold’em is not played with ante, there is another fee called dark – blind in english. There are two blinds in hold’em, small blind and stork blind. These are taken from two players to the left of the dealer. These are taken before any cards are dealt. Their purpose is to create a pot before anyone has a chance to fold.

Little dark

The player to the dealer’s left places a small blind. A small blind has half the value of a big blind and the amount varies depending on the tournament and betting limits. The player from whom the small blind is taken must double it to participate in the game when it is his turn to play.

Big dark

The player to the left of the person with the small blind must post a big blind. Just as the name suggests, these bets are made in the dark because you don’t know what card you will be dealt. All players must call this big blind in order to participate in the round of play.


The first three cards placed on the table are community cards for all players. These are called a flop. Once the flop is placed, players can raise, call, check, or fold.

Fourth street

The fourth street is the fourth community card dealt after the flop. After the fourth card is dealt, players can raise, call, check, or fold.

Fifth street

The fifth and last community card is called fifth street. This is added after fourth street. After fifth street, players can make their final bets.