How Not to Lose Self-Control in Poker

How Not to Lose Self-Control in Poker

Playing poker is not just about counting cards. This is an emotional, intellectual game in which not the one with the better card can win, but the one who did not lose control in time and remained on the horse. Self-control in poker is essential. He who does not control himself will never master the game. And hoping to win big on luck is not the strategy of a winner, but a reckless one. Basic principles of self-control in poker. Tactics and strategy. Poker doesn’t like recklessness. You can’t just play a card because you want to.

You must clearly understand what you are doing and then in the event of an unforeseen situation, you can cope with it. After all, you are calm, balanced and know what to do. Spontaneity is good, even in poker. But it shouldn’t become your main tactic. Bluff is also great, but like any psychological technique, it needs to be learned. Maintain self-control both when you lose and when you win. If you won the hand, of course, you want to be happy for yourself. Rejoice, but don’t be too relaxed if you’re not ready to leave the table yet.

Avoid drinking alcohol even well-grounded casino players can lose their self-control if they decide to drink. Unfortunately, booze can relax the player so that they lose all of their skills and can drain the entire cash. If you want a drink, postpone this activity until you leave the table. Develop an action plan. Before you start playing, decide for yourself which hands you will play and which definitely not. And do not deviate from your decision a step. Perhaps a spontaneous decision to step aside will win you, but most likely not. Therefore, there is a plan – stick to it throughout the game.

Luck loves not only the brave, but also the consistent. Developing self-control for playing poker if you know that your level of self-control is not high enough, it should not only be developed, but also not reduced. What can affect the loss of control external physical discomfort. If the room is too hot, noisy, an uncomfortable chair and an always annoying player nearby, then this is incredibly unsettling. Nerves are at the limit and there is only one desire: that it all ends faster. If you feel like you can’t handle it, pause.

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