Free Play Money

Free Play Money

Of course, free play money is still distributed today, but the difference was that about 15 years ago, free play money had almost no conditions of any kind. You were able to take 20 euros in free play money by depositing 20 euros, spinning in blackjack, 10 euros for red and 10 euros for black, withdrawal and you were 20 euros richer. And with virtually no risk or extra effort. It wasn’t hard to guess that when students who were well versed in the internet and computers, for example, suddenly did this, free play money became more of a magic wall from which all the extra dozens were taken away and used to buy noodles and beer.

So the casino offers were a bit naive at the time. It was imagined that free play money without any conditions would be a sufficient way to get players to the casinos. The free play money was abandoned pretty soon after the trial and switched to bonus money, which we’ll talk more about in the Deposit Bonuses section. The free spins were easy to install, comfortable to play and can be obtained like free play money without a deposit. However, one significant downside to free spins is if the Casino Offers table setting is considered as a whole. Namely, free spins are pretty much locked into one type of game: slot games. for table games, card games, live games, keno, lotteries, video poker and almost all other games, free spins cannot be installed or applied in practice. So if you don’t play video slots, then you have to choose something other than free spins from the Casino Offers section.

What Are the Conditions for Free Spins?
Free spins are a great and profitable way to prey on casino winnings. Today, however, free spins are less often distributed without any conditions. The most common and determinative condition for free spins is the recycling requirement. In other words, the number of times the winnings made in free spins have to be played in order to get scratched the winnings for yourself. The recycling requirement can be almost anything between 0-70x. There are even higher recycling requirements, but they should be rejected with popularity. If you need to recycle your winnings 70 times, then that too becomes nothing more than a bad mood. Tolerable recycling that can be lived with is 0-35x. We do not recommend applying for free spins that are larger than that.

Another condition that online free spins can have is a deposit requirement. So you won’t get free spins for yourself if you don’t first make a number of x deposits to the online casino. For example, you might get a € 100 bonus with 100% and 50 free spins on the side. After the deposit, the free spins may still have, for example, a redemption condition or other conditions. The third condition that free spins can have is the maximum payout condition.

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