Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is a much easier form of blackjack than regular blackjack. In this version you have the opportunity to see the dealer’s card. This makes it easier for you to figure out if you need to take one more card or if you need to hold. However, this great advantage for you also means that some rules have been introduced so that it is the house and not you who will be sitting with the advantage.First of all, there is no insurance in Double Exposure Blackjack.

In addition, the dealer has the option to play on a “soft” 17, while he or she must hold on to a “hard” 17. If you and the dealer have equal cards, it will always be the dealer who wins – at some casinos it is however, you who win if you get 21.Both you and the dealer get two cards to start with. You can see the dealer’s two cards and find out if you want one more card or not. If the dealer has better cards or as good cards as you, always take one more card. If you do not, you have lost anyway, so you might as well take the chance.For the dealer, he or she must take one more card if the value of his or her card is 16 or less. If the dealer has a “soft” 17 consisting of an ace and another card, he must also continue playing.

If the dealer has a “hard” 17 or higher, he must hold.Most casinos today play Double Exposure Blackjack with Multiple Card Games. This is done to make it harder for you to count which cards have gone. If there are only one or two game cards, it becomes all too easy for sharp players to count how many of each value have gone.When playing in a real casino, the cards will often be shuffled automatically after each game. However, not many physical casinos offer this type of Blackjack as it is very easy for you to win.

Therefore, you often have to play online instead if you want to play this kind of Blackjack. It is definitely a fun and entertaining option and is something that many blackjack players enjoy a lot as it helps to provide variety compared to regular Blackjack.

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