Different types of casino bonuses


There are much different bonus offers online, and it can therefore be difficult for new players to orient themselves among the offer. This can be especially difficult when a number of online casinos still attract with bonus offers and free spins promotions even though it has become a criminal offense.

Cashback bonus: This has now been replaced by a milder version at many gaming companies. But instead of rewarding players with bigger casino bonuses based on how much money they spend at the casino, all players are entitled to the same kind of bonus. In such cases, it is often a cashback of 100 percent of what you as a player have lost during a week or month, often based on a deposit. The idea is simple and it often works just as it sounds, money back in case of loss. These can also be good to keep an eye on, as wagering requirements are sometimes included in what you yourself think should be a cash bonus with no wagering requirements at all. Find more information about cashback bonuses and see which cashback casinos are available online.

Free spins bonus: Much like many online casinos welcome new players with a first deposit bonus, free spins are another option. Sometimes you also see so-called welcome packages where both free spins and a welcome bonus have been included. Unlike bonus money, free spins work in such a way that the spin can be used in video slots and various slot machines. There is thus a certain number of free spins on the reels of either a specific or several different slot machines that are credited to your gaming account in connection with your first deposit. Just like casino bonuses, there is often a wagering requirement when playing with free spins that come from the casino’s pocket. Should it be the case that you do not have to wager your bonus money or free spins, the casino has most likely announced that there is no requirement for wagering and that it is a question of free spins without wagering?

Odds & sports bonus: At several of the gaming companies and casinos that offer sports betting, there can sometimes be an odds bonus for new players. As a rule, an odds bonus must only be credited once per player, just like a welcome bonus at a casino. However, a lower bonus amount and a minimum bet on the odds you choose usually apply. The structure of casino bonuses varies from casino to casino, so always check the bonus rules and the casino’s terms and conditions before you start playing for real money.

Refer a friend bonus: This bonus is an outdated bonus and is no longer available at online casinos. Previously, it worked so that if you have been a customer of an online casino for a while and were happy with the product, you could recommend the site to a friend and then get more bonuses or more money to play for at the casino. Several online casinos have therefore established their own refer-a-friend bonuses where both you and your friend are rewarded. This bonus program was slightly more complicated than other bonuses in terms of wagering requirements, which caused this type of bonus to no longer be available.

The reason for this is that the bonus involves not just one, but two people. In order to receive your bonus, your invited friend must first register with the online casino, make an initial deposit and wager the welcome bonus, taking into account the online casino’s wagering requirements. Once this is done, your gaming account will be rewarded with a bonus. But since the reward is a cash bonus, it usually means that you have to turn over the bonus money a certain number of times before they are available for withdrawal. The bonus varies between different online casinos but is usually not quite as large as the welcome bonus.

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