Craps online

Craps online

Craps is a random game of chance played by one of the players around the table rolling two dice and the players around the table betting on different outcomes. Today you can play craps in land-based casinos and in online casinos, both live and in Online Slot Machine form. The payoff is determined by the probability light of the outcome you have chosen.

The Shooter
The shooter is thus the player who rolls the dice, and you can bet on different outcomes of the two dice he rolls. The shooter must always bet the table’s minimum bet on either Pass Line or Don´t Pass Line before the first roll.

Pass Line
Pass line means that you bet “with” the dice. You bet that the sum of the dice eyes is seven or eleven (natural) on the first roll (come out roll). If this happens, double the money you bet. If the eyes of the dice are summed, four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, what is called a point is established.

On Pass Line bets, you lose immediately if two, three or twelve are rolled, this is called craps. This gives a chance of winning even if no seven or eleven were thrown in the first roll. Now the player rolls the dice until either the point number or seven is rolled. If the point number comes first, you double the bet, if seven comes first, you lose.

Do not pass line
If you bet on Don´t Pass Line, you bet on the losing Pass Line games two, three or twelve, and double the bet if this happens. The same sums establish a point. In a Don´t Pass-Line bet, however, you bet that the seven comes before the point number (come out roll). If this happens, you also double the bet.

Odds Bet
You can place an Odds Bet after the point has been established. This is an additional game where by placing money on Pass Line Odds you bet that the point hits before the shooter rolls seven, it is also called “Taking the Odds” Odds bets are basically one of the few games in the casino where the house has no advantage , a pure 50/50 game of chance. Because you must have placed a Pass Line bet to bet on an Odds Bet, and you are also not allowed to bet more than two or three times your Pass Line bet, the house in reality still has a slight advantage (0.85 %). Don´t Pass Odds , or “Laying the Odds” is the opposite of betting on the point, you bet that the dice show seven in total before they hit the point.

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