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Play for Free at Online Casinos

Many people do not understand how casinos work. So they have created the test modes, whose purpose is to provide greater comfort to users. This test mode in online casinos is commonly called demo. Where anyone can enjoy the games for free. So you won’t have to bet out of pocket. Of course, you will not have any profit either. However, what is sought with this is to know the methodology of the game and the platform. It is important to note that this test mode is exactly the same as the real game. So it is an excellent practice for beginners of the best online casinos.

Playing for free is a huge advantage for most online casino users. Trying out the demo mode of a casino gives you the chance to get to know the operator better. You will not only be able to try the games, but also the complete experience on the platform. With this you will be able to experience first-hand how you handle yourself within an online casino. Luckily, there are several operators that offer games in demo versions to be tested. There are even casinos that offer their entire catalog for free. So if you are still not sure about investing in a real money casino, try the demo version. This way you can get the experience of an online casino without the need to risk money.

Play Safe at Online Casinos

Legal online casinos have a license endorsed by the DGOJ. This is reflected directly on the casino website, at the bottom of the page with a seal from the Ministry of Finance.

The most used payment methods in online casinos

The way of paying in online casinos has evolved. Initially, the mode of payment was bank transfers. Later, the option to pay with credit cards was added. And so, as there are more technological advances, payment methods evolve. To be a better online casino, the deposit and withdrawal methods have increased.

Paypal : It is the most famous electronic wallet in the world. It is a payment method widely used by users of online casinos. It is characterized by being fast and effective in its transactions. It has a great reputation and is used by many of the operators.

Neteller : Similarly, it is a very popular electronic wallet. Many users also have it as a payment method and that is why casinos offer it. Like any electronic wallet, it is a platform that offers fast and secure payments.

EcoPayz : It is a method that is increasingly used in online casinos. With it you can receive your payments and deposit in the operator that accepts it. It stands out for being a simple and easy-to-use method. Opening an account is very easy and you can manage everything with the app.

Skrill : It is another of the popular electronic wallets within online casinos. With it you can mobilize money and carry out your transactions easily and quickly. It is a widely used method and more and more operators are offering it.

PaySafeCard : It is a payment method that we normally see in most new online casinos. It is also an electronic payment platform, but they offer a card. You can acquire this through the platform’s website and make your payments in various places.

Deposit Bonus

Online casinos offer players different types of bonuses to make playing in the casino more attractive. These bonuses often consist of a cash amount or a number of free spins. Some casino bonuses are even a combination of free money and free spins, as is often the case with the welcome bonuses that casinos give out to new players. The deposit bonus is a bonus form that is sometimes confused with the welcome bonus, but is certainly not the same. A welcome bonus is only intended for people who open an account at an online casino for the first time. The deposit bonus is more intended for players who already have an account at a casino.

Deposit bonuses are often offered at fixed times, we can report you. For example, once a week or once a month. The purpose of the deposit bonus is of course to entice players to take a gamble in the casino again and on the other hand, they get some extra leeway from the casino.

Receive a Deposit Bonus Yourself

Almost every online casino has deposit bonuses, only they are sometimes displayed under a different name, for example reload bonus. If you already have a player account at an online casino, you can use the deposit bonus at the time specified by the casino by simply making a deposit into your casino account. At some sites from the online casinos you have to enter a separate bonus code for this when making your deposit, at other casinos this is not necessary. To find out whether or not you need to enter a bonus code and to see when you can use a particular deposit bonus, you can visit the promotion page of the casino. This usually lists all the promotional activities of the casino and you will also find an overview of current bonus options. With each bonus it is stated when you can use it and whether or not you have to enter a bonus code.

Things to Watch Out for with Deposit Bonuses

if you have seen an attractive deposit bonus at your favorite casino and want to take advantage of it, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, deposit bonuses almost always require a certain minimum amount that you must deposit in order to activate the bonus. When you deposit less, the bonus is not activated. In addition, some casinos require a specific bonus code to be entered when you make your deposit. Don’t forget to enter that code, because then the bonus will not be activated either. In that case, the bonus code is stated on the promotion page of the casino.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there is not only a minimum, but also a maximum amount linked to the bonus. Often bonus deposits are something like 50% or 100% of your deposit. With a 50% deposit bonus, half of the amount you deposit is paid by the online gambling site added as bonus money to your player account. Finally, it is always wise to read the bonus conditions that are linked to each deposit bonus. These terms and conditions are in addition to the casino’s terms and conditions and often specifically state the amount needed to cash out winnings you have made with bonus money. You must first wager the bonus amount that you received via the deposit bonus a number of times before you can withdraw winnings. This is also known as the wagering rule.

Play by Play Deposit Bonus

When you use a cash bonus or welcome bonus, there is almost always a specific wagering rule for the bonus. This rule was created to prevent players from immediately withdrawing their bonus money. So you really have to use the amount to play with. The wagering rule states that the bonus money must be wagered 10, 20 or 30 times before you can withdraw any winnings you make from the bonus. So suppose you deposit an amount of 100 and use a deposit bonus with a wagering amount of 30 times your stake, this means that the total of all your bets must first be 3000 before you can withdraw the money you have made. Won with the bonus.

That seems like a lot, but in practice the game goes so fast that you quickly bet hundreds of per hour on a video slot or gaming table. At most casinos, you always play with your own money first and only then with the bonus. So suppose you have made a deposit and have received a deposit bonus and your winnings on your first spin on the roulette are 500, then you can simply withdraw it right away, since you made that profit with your own money from the deposit that you did and not with bonus money.

VIP Bonus

Anyone who regularly plays at the same online casino will soon see a certain status appear behind his or her name. The most used status is that of VIP, with which the casino wants to indicate that they see you as a loyal and highly valued player. At almost all online casinos attractive bonuses are regularly handed out that can only be used by VIPs. In addition, many online casinos have a loyalty program in which VIPs also participate and where you can get an increasingly higher VIP status by playing regularly and therefore also higher bonuses. With the exception of the fact that only players with VIP status can take advantage of these VIP bonuses, they operate in the same way as other types of bonuses that one can get in an online casino.

Take advantage of a VIP Bonus

With a VIP bonus there is a special bonus, which only players with a VIP status can use. When the VIP bonus is used, players receive an extra amount of money or a number of free spins to play on a video slot, online slot machine or fruit machine. A VIP bonus is often distributed to players in two ways. The first is through a so called loyalty program. All players in an online casino automatically join that program as soon as they open a player account. The more you play and the more money you deposit into your online casino account, the more loyalty points you collect and the higher your VIP status and associated bonuses will be. In addition, the online casino regularly sends special offers to players who have reached VIP status. They often receive extra offers, to which a bonus is often linked. Think of playing new video slots that are not yet available to other players or trying out a new live casino game.

Online Casino Loyalty Program

Virtually all online casinos want to occasionally reward their players for playing regularly at their casino. With this they not only want to convey their thanks, but also reward the players with a small addition to the playing credit or some free spins. The rule is often used here that the more often someone plays in the online casino, the higher the reward should be that each player receives. To organize all this transparently, so that players can also see what they are entitled to, online casinos use a so-called loyalty program.

Through such a program, which is simply part of the casino’s website, it is kept for each player how many loyalty points they have collected and what they can do with them. Most casinos keep it simple and link certain VIP levels from the loyalty program to a certain VIP bonus. Other casinos go a step further and even hand out gifts, such as a smartphone or television.

Special conditions VIP Bonuses

As with any bonus, when using a VIP bonus there are special conditions that you have to take into account. For example, it is common with any bonus that when you make a profit by using bonus money, you can only withdraw this profit after you have used the bonus amount a number of times to bet on the gaming tables, slot machines, video slots or in the casino. live casino. Only when the amount corresponding to the wagering rule has been wagered, you can withdraw winnings made with bonus money.

You will also have to keep in mind that some VIP bonuses have maximum limits when it comes to winnings that you can make with the bonus money. This is especially often the case with winnings that you make by using the extra spins that you get from the online casino. Finally, you should keep in mind that when you activate a VIP bonus, you have to use it within a certain period of time. This can sometimes be a week, but it can also be a day. So you have to activate the amount that you have received as a bonus during that period and for free spins, you can only play it during the period specified in the bonus condition.

Casino with No Wagering Requirements

If you are looking for a casino with no wagering requirements, you have come to the right place. We help you find the best casino without wagering requirements on your deposit bonus. While many old and new gaming sites today offer high bonuses with turnover, there are also turnover-free casinos. The advantage of casinos where you do not have to wager bonuses and free spins is that all the winnings you get are yours. You can thus make a withdrawal on your winnings at any time.

What Is a Casino with No Wagering Requirements?

Many people think that all casinos are turnover-free, but the fact is that gaming sites try to hide the fact that you have to turn over the bonus offer here Thus, it can be difficult to find a casino with non-turnover bonuses. The difference between casino bonuses with and without wagering requirements is large. A bonus with a requirement that it be wagered means that you can not choose to withdraw your winnings immediately when you win. Of course, this is something that is very frustrating for you who won. This means that you must continue to play for your winnings until you have wagered the sum a certain number of times. Thus, you risk losing your winnings. Therefore, it is always better to choose casino sites that offer turnover-free bonuses.

How to Find the Casino with No Wagering Requirements That Is Best

To find the best turnover-free bonuses for play money and free spins, the casinos need to meet the requirements. These criteria or requirements must be met by each casino before you can start playing.

License and regulation : one of the most important points is that a casino with a bonus without wagering requirements has a gaming license according to the gaming act (2018: 1138). A license is also a basic prerequisite for all igaming platforms. In addition, the licensing states that the gaming company exercises fair play and is ready to comply with the regulations.

Security and safety : the online casino must, for example, protect your credit or debit card information and ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to it. Ssl encryption technology (https: //), bankid verification and firewalls are among the very important part of it.

Trust and reputation : the reputation that the gaming site builds comes from, among other things, the gaming experience and how to take care of your players. For example, there may be gaming sites that are late in paying out winnings or that they do not pay out at all.

Variation and number of games : also look at the number of games that a casino with no turnover offers. How many different game operators they offer and what types of games. There should be slot machines and other casino games from different players and a live casino is important.

User experience : as a player, you want easy navigation on the site as well as a mobile version to play on. It does not matter if it is a web-based solution or a pure mobile casino.

Offers : free spins and no deposit required bonuses are the most important in this category. All free spins or bonus offers must be creative and preferably unsaturated.

Loyalty program : if you play for too much money, you also want a casino with no wagering requirements to pay attention to it. In other words, a loyalty program can mean that you collect points to get up to different bonus levels at the casino.

Deposits and withdrawals : flexible deposits and fast withdrawals are a must at online casinos today. Trustly are payment solutions that with the help of bankid make it possible for us to deposit and withdraw money in just a few seconds.

Best Casino Bonus List

You can get a casino bonus at many different casinos in 2022. In fact, almost all casinos issue some form of welcome bonus. Then, of course, it can differ which type of bonus you consider to be the best. Furthermore, you must also take a closer look at all the terms and conditions that belong to the bonus. All in all, all of this is crucial for which casino bonus you should choose.

What is a Casino bonus?

You have probably heard that there are casino bonuses at Ever since gaming sites began to appear on the internet, casino bonuses have also existed. You may be wondering what kind of bonus you can expect. Of course, it depends on which casino you choose to play at and what type of game. For example, games such as roulette and blackjack are usually covered by bonuses other than slot games. The requirements for bonuses also differ greatly. Thus, it is always important to not just read about the bonus when choosing your casino. You should also carefully read the other rules and conditions that apply to your casino bonus.

Best casino bonuses

Today there are many different gaming sites that give out casino bonuses. All best bonuses are some form of welcome bonus. Furthermore, it can be mentioned that there are some forms of casino bonuses that will be most common in 2022. For example, at many gaming sites you can get free spins as a bonus when you create your account. Another type of casino bonus that is common in casinos is the deposit bonus. Which casino bonus you want is of course entirely up to you. However, we help you to easily find all the different bonuses that casino sites in offer in 2022. Thus, your job will be easier and you can instead use the time to actually play at your favorite casino.

All the different types of casino bonuses available

Once you choose a casino bonus, there are several different ones to choose from. Online casinos may only offer you a single bonus, but the type of casino bonus varies. We list here all the different game bonuses that are available and what they mean:

Deposit Bonus / Welcome Bonus – This is a bonus that you get when you make a deposit at the casino you want to play at.
Free spins – An offer to spin for free on some slot machines that the online casino has. Usually it is selected slots that they want you to try.
Cashback – When you get a% refund on what you have lost. For example, if you deposit 100 and lose them, the casino will give that money back to you again. This way you can play for 100 again.
No Deposit Required Bonus – Deposit free bonuses are free money that you can play for without having to make a deposit.
Bonus without wagering requirements – It is bonus money that you can play for and if you win, you do not need to wager the money before withdrawing the winnings. However, the majority of all casinos want you to wager your money before you can withdraw your winnings.
Bonus codes – This is a form of discount code or offer code that you enter to get your casino bonus. Gaming sites on the other hand, no longer offer bonus codes.
Reload bonus / Refill bonus – When refilling your gaming account with a player, you can get a so-called refill bonus. In other words, you can get extra play money if you make a new deposit on an existing gaming site.
No-sticky bonus / Parachute bonus – The term means that the money that the casino matches on a deposit, does not need to be turned over when winning. That is, a no-sticky bonus consists of real money and not play money.
VIP bonus – This type of loyalty bonus is only given to you who play too much every month. As a VIP player, you will also be invited to travel, parties and gifts, among other things.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Without a doubt, Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world and it is now possible to play it with live dealers from the comfort of your home. We have summarized everything you may want to know about playing for real money. There are a number of things you should be aware of that specifically affect players, so be sure to read all of the information on this page. You can also ask us questions related to live dealer blackjack and we will make sure to answer them and include them in our FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Playing with Bonuses

  • The situation in the market of online casinos is not very conducive to live blackjack players and these are the reasons.
  • Government regulated casinos offer amazing bonuses here, but none of them include live dealer blackjack.
  • Sites that are regulated by offshore jurisdictions like Curacao and that offer live blackjack almost always exclude live dealer games from them. Their main selling point is to offer their games to players to start with. That and pay the winners.
  • However, we are trying to organize some live blackjack no deposit bonuses and will keep this paragraph updated on their status.

Counting cards

If you come to this page after watching the movie 21 , you will be disappointed: it is almost impossible to count cards profitably at live dealer blackjack tables. This is due to the fact that game providers usually reshuffle before 50% penetration has been dealt, which is when card counters start to get the upper hand.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Below you will find a basic blackjack strategy diagram that provides optimal play for all situations that may arise at the live dealer tables. Note that this strategy does NOT allow you to beat the casino, but it minimizes the house edge to a minimum.

Evolution Gaming : They offer the largest variety of live blackjack tables and are hands down the best live casino provider on the market. They have several dozen tables in their lobby with tables separated by rank such as Blackjack White, Silver, Gold, Grand VIP, Diamond VIP and so on. These differ depending on the gaming environment and the betting levels offered. Typically, the lowest betting limits at Evolution tables are 5, while the highest we’ve seen is 50,000 per betting box. The two new tables offered by EVA are Infinite Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack, both of which focus on offering an unlimited number of players to play simultaneously and have an incredible variety of side bets available.

Live Gaming : Their new live dealer studio looks very visually appealing, but we can’t understand why they seem to only use 2 live blackjack tables. Until that’s all figured out, there’s not much chance of getting a seat without waiting more than 10 minutes each time. The rules offer a fairly simple game with two side bets, an insurance option and a house edge of just over 0.50% when using basic game strategy.

Baccarat Online

Baccarat is enjoyed by many card lovers. In land-based casinos, it is played in a space away from other games, with elegantly dressed people around the table. Online, the game is accessible wherever you are, and can be played at your own pace.

Even though the rules of baccarat are considered easy to master, you need to know them perfectly in order to enjoy a better gaming experience here In land-based casinos, you have to guess which hand among the banker’s hand and that of the punter is the winner. The punter is the player who bets the most, the other players are single bettors.

Online, the rule is the same, but since there is only one player, you, it is therefore you who will be the spanner. Thus, you will have to choose the winning hand, yours or that of the dealer. The object of the game is to have a hand whose value is closest to 9. Baccarat is played with a deck of 52 cards. Aces are worth 1 point, cards from 2 to 9 keep the value of the numbers they carry, 10’s and face cards are worth 0. To know the value of your hand, you add the points of the cards. When the number exceeds 10, only the unit is kept and the ten is deleted.

How Does Game of Baccarat Work

First, you must place your bet. For this, you can bet on your victory, on that of the bank or on the equality. Then comes the card distribution phase. First you will have two cards, the dealer will have the same. Natural baccarat has a value of 8 or 9 points. Whoever has a hand that comes closest to 9 wins the round. If this is you, you will be paid according to your wager. If there is a tie between the value of your hands, you will only win if you had bet on the tie. If neither of these two cases occurs, the next step is determined by the value of your hand and that of the dealer. If the value of your first two cards is 5 or less than 5, you draw another card.

  • If the value is 6 or 7, you will not have an additional card.
  • If you draw no cards and the banker’s hand has a value of 6 or 7, the bank will not have another card.
  • If you do not draw another card and the banker has a hand that is worth five or less, she draws another card.
  • If the card you drew is worth 2 or 3, the bank draws another card if she has a hand that totals 1, 2, 3 or 4.
  • If you drew 6 or 7 and the bank has a hand that is worth 7, it will not have an additional card. For a hand of 6 points or less, she draws another card.
  • If the card you have drawn is worth 8, the bank draws a card if their hand is worth 2 or less.
  • If you have drawn an ace, 10 or 9, and the bank has a hand whose value is 4 or less, they draw a map.

Best Online Casinos of 2022

This is the list of the best online casinos, a ranking made by specialists in online casino games. We take a close look at slots, apps, payment methods, player reviews and much more. As you saw, in the previous list we find online casinos with great global experience with years of experience and thousands of satisfied players. But if you want to know in detail why we listed the above online casinos, here you can find the methodology used by our experts when evaluating each operator. And we know that each player has different needs, so we wanted to compile a varied offer. But in the first instance, we only recommend safe online casinos, where it is easy to play, deposit and withdraw winnings.

How Do We Choose the Best Online Casinos?

Reaching the list of the best online casinos here, however, we can assure you that we are a team of experts in casino games, with years of experience in the market.

As professional players we promise you that here you will find :

Updated information : You will always find the news of online casinos, we are waiting to immediately include the reviews of the new online casinos that arrive in the country.

Experts in the field : We are a team of expert online casino betting players with years of experience in this field. As fans and connoisseurs we only give the best advice and what works for us.

Unique methodology : We have developed an exclusive research method, with which we study online casinos. This allows us to ensure that here you will see unbiased reviews with reliable information.

Players opinions : Feedback from players is very important to us so we can look at the online casino from all angles. Our goal is to create a space where users can share their experience in the different online casinos.

Fair and safe game : rest assured that here we only review online casinos that have a operating license and that, in turn, have the certificates that show that the software they use offers a fair game for the user. These are our fundamental criteria when recommending an online casino. However, let’s see in detail why we chose the previous ones in our ranking as the best.

What do we analyze about online casinos?

As specialists in online casinos, we have developed an exclusive analysis methodology , in which we investigate in detail factors such as the security of an online casino, the variety of games, among other points that you will see below:

As professional players and experts in online casinos, we consider the above as the most important points to review , before registering at any online casino. This methodology has worked for us for years and is by which we build all of our rankings and reviews. Now we will explain each of these elements in detail.

Safe online casinos, our priority

We only recommend online casinos that are legal, you will never find in our listings casinos without a license to operate in the country, never! At the same time, we investigate the certificates they have, these are some of the most important:

SSL : this electronic certification shows that a website has a cyber security protocol through the encryption of information.

Ecogra : this international agency specializes in the inspection and validation of online gambling software.

License : The general directorate for the regulation of gambling is the entity in charge of authorizing operating licenses for online casinos.

Safe Game : one of the organizations that watches over player safety, in terms of aid programs against gambling addiction. The above are the basic security credentials that the best online casinos must have. Without these, they become risky sites and not recommended.

And although several online casinos are international, we review which is the company that represents them. We verify those responsible for each one and their trajectory, to verify that they are reliable companies.

What are the benefits of casino bonus codes?

The online casino bonuses that come with the codes are varied and are available for every start. For example, free spins, bonus money, cashback and bonus without registration are among the benefits you can get from them. Usually, casino bonus codes can be redeemed with a deposit, but free bonus codes have also started to become more common recently. From the varied bonus offer, each player can pick the bonuses that are most pleasing to them. Of course, in order to choose the ones that work best for you, you need to know what kind of benefits it is possible to get with bonus codes so let’s take a closer look at the subject!

Deposit match: A deposit match is one of the most common bonus code benefits. It can be redeemed by making a deposit of at least a certain amount, as defined in the bonus terms. This is usually a bonus cash benefit, expressed as a percentage, for example, 50%, 100% or 150%. For example, if you redeem a 100% bonus code and deposit € 20, you will be donated another € 20 in play money.

No deposit bonus: No deposit bonus is a really popular benefit as it can be redeemed for free use. Often it brings in free spins, but sometimes play money can also be available. Such bonus codes without a deposit are a little rarer than free spins without a deposit, but even more in demand, and are always worth taking advantage of.

Free spins: Bonus codes can often be used to redeem free spins. They are always directed to specific or specific slot games, and their values may vary between codes. Sometimes the value can also be tied to the size of the deposit you make – in which case you will make more valuable rounds by making a larger deposit. Free spins are played in the normal way and all the features of the game work as usual. The only difference is that your own bankroll does not run out when you play.

Free to play bonus: Usually, when talking about free spins, you automatically think of slot games as they are the most common benefits. However, it is possible to get free play bonuses for other games as well. For practical reasons, free game rounds can only be awarded to games where the rounds can be clearly distinguished such as roulette and video poker. Casino bonus codes can sometimes include free games for these popular table games.

Cash bonus: Cash bonuses are great because there is no need to recycle the winnings or the bonus itself. Usually, these are smaller in size than regular bonuses, but they are all the more fun. Often the winnings from the bonus may dwindle during the wager, but there is no such fear in the cash bonus winnings. If you wish, you can immediately withdraw your winnings or play them again.

Brief History of the Slot Machine

The slot machine is one of the most iconic casino games. The first model was inspired by mechanical casters. The slot machine was born. This first opus is triggered manually. Interested parties had to operate a handle. This is where the name one armed bandit came to designate this machine.

Fey has never stopped improving this game of chance in The first version was based on a 3 wheel system. This technique only allowed a hundred combinations. The first variant with automatic reels saw the light of day, then progressed to offer a thousand possible combinations. Initially, only a few symbols were spinning on the reels. Augusts fey has endeavored to improve the aesthetics of his slot machine by integrating other designs. Thus, the players saw a bell, poker cards and horseshoes.

From a sociological point of view, this entertainment has suffered many criticisms before becoming one of the most popular pastimes. Fey’s contemporaries took a dim view of real-money slot entry. Many good citizens have challenged lawmakers to ban it. The puritans of the time did not condone this way of making money.

The prohibition that was then in place strongly curbed gambling. However, Herbert mills managed to save the slot machine. He turned it into a candy dispenser. In the process, he added fruit to the symbols. Nowadays, this game has nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

In 1963, the new electronic slot machine entered the scene. The lever resists the onslaught of time before being replaced by a button. The possible winnings are multiplied and this entertainment appeals to players of all ages. In 1976, bettors discovered video slot machines with pleasure. Since then, they have become an essential hobby. All gambling establishments worthy of the name have a range of slot machines.

However, the real revolution comes with the advent of the online casino Thanks to this technological progress, access to various games of chance is facilitated. Some land-based casinos reserve their entry to a certain clientele or to compliance with a dress code. Online casinos do not require such conditions. In addition, online slot machines develop very varied themes that delight bettors. The stakes remain affordable, while the winnings can be staggering. Indeed, innovation is always at the rendezvous. Now, online slot machines come with countless bonuses. Even the pay lines are revolutionary!

In addition, these slots casinos offer demo modes. The interested party has the possibility of playing on free slots in order to become familiar with the various functionalities.