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Slot machines

There are two types of games online that really beat all competing game types with horse lengths. These are table games and slot machines. Table games, such as roulette and blackjack, have been immensely popular for many years and will probably continue to be so in the future. However, the trend is towards the table games losing some ground against the slot machines. Just take a look at the front pages of online casinos to get this confirmed. This is because it is usually only slot machines and video slots that are in focus nowadays!

Even I, who really prefer to play the classic table games, and then especially blackjack, have started to play more and more on slots. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the game idea and it does not hurt that you always have the chance to get a slightly huge return even on very small bets. Once I played home just over 5,000 on a bet of a paltry krona such a return is completely impossible to get in table games, but always fully possible when playing on slot machines.

Slot machines are now available in all different categories and in all possible designs as well as with all conceivable themes. That’s not really that weird. A slot machine can in principle be designed almost exactly anyway and the game makers are free to use any theme for each new slot. There are slots that are about robots, slots with cute dolphins in the lead roles and slots with classic superheroes as themes.

In terms of design, there are two different standards. A slot machine in the shape of a classic slot machine usually always has three reels and a video slot normally has five reels. However, these measurements are not carved in stone. I have come across video slots with up to 15-20 reels and several thousand different ways to win in each spin!

That it is so easy to play on slot machines at, that you as a player have enormous freedom of choice and that the return can be very large in percentage are just three of the reasons why the slot machines are taking over completely at online casinos. A fourth, and probably as important, the reason is that slot machines can sometimes offer progressive, that is, ever-growing, huge jackpots. A progressive jackpot is built on with one or a few percent from each bet placed and soon the winning amounts will amount to huge sums. There are some jackpots online that almost always amount to multimillion dollars and there are lots of players who only play for the small chance of becoming multimillionaires.

Casino games 2022

There are many different casino games to choose from when playing at online casinos. Most people are probably familiar with the more classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, but recently slots, video poker and various types of live games have also become increasingly popular. Here you get a brief introduction to the most common casino games and what they mean.

Slot machine: The most common type of online casino game is without a doubt slots. It is a more modern variant of the classic slot machines, and in addition to trying to get several symbols in a row to win, there are also extra features such as bonus rounds, wild symbols and so-called free spins where you can spin for free but still have a chance to win real money at One big reason why slots have become so popular is that there are so many different variations, and everyone can find their own favorite. There are slots with historical themes, slots with themes from well-known movies and both cute, fun and exciting slots to choose from. There are also many slots that have progressive jackpots, where the winning amount increases by a certain percentage of all players’ bets, and thus can mean hundreds of millions of kronor that can be won with a single spin.

Roulette: Roulette is one of the most well-known classic casino games, and is popular even at online casinos as it is both fast, fun and exciting. Here it is important to bet in different ways to guess in which slot on the roulette wheel the small silver ball will end up when the dealer spins the wheel. There are 37 or 38 different slots depending on which variant of Roulette you play, American or European. You can make different types of bets such as color, odd or even numbers, a single number and bets on several numbers that form a pattern. Once the bets are made, the wheel spins and the game round is decided as soon as the ball falls into one of the slots.

Blackjack: Another of the more classic casino games that have made the transition to online casinos with bravura is the popular card game Blackjack. The goal is to get a value on their cards on hand that is as close to 21 as possible, where exactly 21 is the very best and is called Black Jack. However, if you happen to get a hand worth more than 21, you lose automatically. In Black Jack, you have to get better cards than the dealer to win. You can also take an extra card if you think it can help you win, or bet extra if you are in a good position. In Blackjack, it is possible to play so that the house edge is less than 1%, which makes this casino game a very good choice if you want a high chance of winning.

Craps: Craps is a dice game that is a little more complicated than other classic casino games that have been played for a long time at land-based casinos. When you play online, you bet on how the result of the dice roll will be, and it is the dealer who rolls the dice. Depending on how the dice roll goes, how the game continues is decided, and you can bet on different results and combinations that the two dice show.

Baccarat: Baccarat is another card game that, although it may not be as popular as Black Jack, still has a safe place in all online casinos worth the name. Here, just like in Craps, it is important to bet on the outcome of the game, and you then have to choose between whether the player or the dealer will win. It is also possible to bet that the game round will be a draw, which can give the highest payout, as the probability of this is significantly lower. There are several variants of Baccarat, the most common of which are called Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer.

Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in existence and people have been fascinated by this spinning wheel for centuries. It is believed that roulette was invented by the mathematician Blaise Pascal as early as the 17th century, but it is clear that the roulette table has been spinning in Paris’ finer circles since the middle of the 18th century. It is no wonder that roulette is an iconic game that often appears on the white screen and is associated with a glamorous casino atmosphere. The game is popular because it is quick to learn and easy to understand. You need almost no prior knowledge to sit down at a roulette table and actually win money, but it can be good to know the odds of your bets and when it’s time to quit.

The Opportunity to Win in Roulette
Since roulette is one of the oldest casino games, over the years they have tried to develop many different ways to maximize their chances of winning at With various mathematical formulas, probability theory and even mechanical calculations around the construction of the roulette wheel, many attempts have been made to outsmart the casino. In fact, roulette is a randomly generated game of chance, designed for the house to be profitable.

However, this does not mean that you as a player do not have a good chance of winning as roulette is a generous game with many different ways to bet. An experienced player knows that many small streams are better than a large river that is, in roulette, it is the woods that win and you will in the long run have a better chance of leaving the table with extra money in your pocket if you play in fields with low odds.

Betting on even / odd numbers or if the ball ends up in red or black only gives double the bet back, but through several repeated wins you will soon come up with large sums. As with all other casino games, it is important that you stop playing on time. It can be good to decide in advance what sums you can spend or if you are lucky on your side when you should be content and leave the table.

Play Roulette Online
You can often choose between several different types of roulette, in addition to French and American, you can also play with two balls, golden ball or other similar variants that are mainly available online. Many online casinos have roulette as standard in their live sections where you can log in and take part in the gaming table through a live-streamed broadcast from a real roulette table at a casino abroad. There you get an authentic casino feeling and can also chat with the croupier and other players at the table. Roulette is as classic an online game as it is at a physical casino. Today’s technology has taken the game idea further and the developers are constantly inventing new game forms that keep this centuries-old game alive.

Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is very important in a casino context. When you ask players what is most important to them when they are looking for a new casino to play, the welcome bonus almost always comes up. There are very good opportunities to find, to say the least, generous welcome bonuses, you just have to know where to look. You can let us take care of the hard work. We present different alternatives that offer a welcome bonus with a focus on casinos.

Casino helps you find a dream bonus: We have gathered all the alternatives we think are worth highlighting. The result is the list you see on this page. We have carefully checked the different casinos to be able to give you a truthful and as a current result as possible. The idea is that you should see for yourself which options are on the list and based on these choose what suits you best.

Free spins or money: When it comes to welcome bonuses, there are mainly two different options to choose from. Some casinos choose to focus on free spins while others instead offer a welcome bonus in the form of extra credit on the site. The taste is like the butt-divided, some prefer one while others like the other better. We show you both types of casino bonuses. Some sites even let you choose which of the bonus types you want.

The best alternatives: We have always had the goal of highlighting the casinos. We believe that there are many good qualities in the players in particular. In other words, it can be directly advantageous to play casinos. The casinos usually hold a very high class right through when it comes to everything from game offerings to just welcome bonuses.

Bonus Without Deposit
For you as a player, it can be extra interesting to know which casinos offer No Deposit Bonuses. We want to be as complete a guide as possible and list all casinos with the most attractive bonuses. The most popular form of bonus today is clearly a No Deposit Bonus. A form of bonus that you get completely free without having to make a deposit. It is impossible to hide under a chair that the competition among online casinos is fierce in today’s casino climate! This is only positive for the player.

Our job is, as I said, to keep track of the maze of bonuses among all casinos. What is extra good about No Deposit Bonuses is that you get the opportunity to test a casino or a specific game with real money without having to deposit your own money in your gaming account. The only thing that is usually required is that you become a member of the casino in question. Then, as I said, you have the chance to reap nice profits without investing a single penny of your own money.

How do I get free spins

You can get the goodies to spin when you become a new customer at a casino. Not to forget is that casinos may only offer one welcome offer per player in the form of a welcome bonus. Neither camouflage nor deposit bonuses is allowed thereafter. Therefore, free spins are no longer a recurring offer but a bonus that you must constantly look for by joining new casinos. Another way to get hold of the attractive spins is to play at foreign casinos without a license.

One casino game that usually offers free spins is the slot developed by NetEnt. Therefore, we advise you to keep an eye out for offers that are tied to the immensely popular slot machine. Tips! So maybe you can get hold of the valuable spins. After the gaming license came into force, the number of bonuses and free spins offers has been greatly reduced. Therefore, keep an eye out for new gaming sites, as free spins without turnover are spreading like wildfire among new casinos.

Bonus money without wagering requirements
As a player, you can also get bonus money without deposit requirements. All winnings you generate from the bonus are converted to real money and can be withdrawn immediately. This means that if you win 50,000 on the first spin for one krone you can withdraw 49,00 at once. The fact that you get a bonus with no wagering requirements means that you do not have to play through the amount of play the gift you received more than once before your winnings become free.

Casinos that have invested in bonuses with no wagering requirements are starting to appear more and more frequently and seem to have become something of a trend. Something that is very beneficial for the player. Many people are wondering how a casino that offers bonuses with no wagering requirements can survive. A big reason for these generous offers is that it appeals to an extremely large audience. Some of these then become loyal players.

After the casino gaming license changed the gaming market, the number of bonuses and free spins offered has been greatly reduced. Therefore keep an eye on new casinos where the welcome gift in the form of free spins without a turnover is becoming more frequent. So feel free to return periodically for hot updates.

Play casino online and win the jackpot

If you want a little extra excitement in everyday life, you have probably tried playing casinos online. Just like their land-based counterparts, you will find a large variety of games here. You can play everything from a large variety of slots to table games and even scratch cards. Casinos can have a variety of themes and bring together games from many different game developers. You can even play casinos without an account or registration.

Play with a bonus at an online casino
For those of you who want to choose a new online casino to play at, it is always good to research the bonuses that different casinos offer. Many casinos use a welcome bonus to attract new players. It’s a great way for you to get extra play and a chance to have more time to try out at the casino. Casino bonuses are structured in much the same way. You often get a matching bonus which is a percentage bonus based on your deposit. Then it also happens that you get a certain amount of free spins. It depends a bit on how the casino has chosen to set up its bonus.

Just a casino bonus is something that is only offered when you start playing at a new casino. This is due to the new gaming law that all casinos must follow. Another advantage of this law is that the casinos must write clear bonus terms that must be clearly visible on the page. It makes it easier for you as a player so you know what it’s about.

Many different types of bonuses
If you have decided that you want to take advantage of a bonus, there are plenty to choose from. Do you want to play slots? Then choose a casino bonus. Do you want to try roulette, blackjack and similar games with a real dealer? Then the live casino bonus applies. If you want to try betting on odds, you can receive a betting bonus that also applies to betting on politics and sports. But it does not stop there; there are different types of casino bonuses too!

If you are lucky, you can get a bonus with no deposit required, usually consisting of free spins. There may also be bonuses with no wagering requirements, the winnings of which you can withdraw at once. So which one is best? It depends on what you are personally looking for, as well as what budget you have.

New Casinos 2022

Some of the positive details of new casinos in 2022 are that they often offer great casino bonuses, and have unique designs and themes on their websites with fun gaming concepts. We are constantly working to be updated on all new casinos that appear on the market. This is to be able to give our readers the best possible recommendations. We want to be sure that what we recommend is safe and gives you the most joy for the money.

How does the licensing system affect new casinos?

All online casinos operating in the market must have a license. This applies to both new and old casinos. This may mean that some casinos disappear from the offer if they have not succeeded in obtaining a gaming license. For players, the new license means increased security. Last year was truly a promising year for new online casinos. That was the year in which the registration of new accounts with the help of bank identification really took off. Throughout the year, a lot of new online casinos were launched in the gaming market. We are looking forward to what 2022 has to offer us!

Play at a New Casino with the Best Online Bonuses

Why do new casinos often have such large bonuses compared to already established casinos? Well, this is because it is actually required if they are to be able to attract players from an established casino to a new casino. They must be able to offer some added value to the player. Although a new casino in 2022 can often offer a completely new game layout and gaming experience, better bonuses are often required to get players to switch to the new casino.

If you as a player are willing to change the gaming page, you will therefore often have the opportunity to take advantage of welcome bonuses at all these newer casinos. The welcome bonuses can increase your cash flow so you get more fun for the money. In this way, you reduce your own risk by instead playing for the money that the casino offers.

If you want to play at a new casino from the year 2022, you will therefore be able to take advantage of really good bonuses. However, it is always important that you familiarize yourself with the bonus terms for all types of bonuses. Turnover requirements and other things always apply and it is good to know this before you create an account and start playing. The bonus terms can always be read on the casino site you want to play on.

Casino Games

In order for you as a player to be able to get as much as possible out of playing casino games online, you obviously need to know what all the games are about. Therefore, want to help you with this. Casino games are usually relatively simple, which makes it easy to start online casino games.

All About Slots
The classic among casino games! Slot machines, castles or slot machines as they are also called, were invented as early as the 19th century. Today’s casino games at online casinos are played in a similar way as they were over a hundred years ago, but today the slot machine consists of a computer program with a button you click instead of pulling a lever. At online casinos, casino games have also been updated with more opportunities for big wins; for example, by matching the symbols on the diagonal and other combinations depending on how you choose to bet your money before the machine clicks. Often, online casinos today also have not just three reels on the slot machines, but four or perhaps more commonly five reels in a row.

The allure and excitement of this casino game are that with a few kroner bet you can win really big money. This has made today’s online slots one of the most popular online casino games! You will find a complete and always up-to-date guide to all casino games online that offer games with slots.

Casino Games Live Casino
Casino games at online casinos have the latest addition to Live Casino. This type of casino game is a mix of playing casino games at a physical casino and an online casino. At Live Casino, you can choose to play, for example, blackjack, roulette or baccarat. You are then logged in and can be in contact with a real croupier or dealer who works in real-time.

Just like in regular casino games, it can be you alone or several people around the table who play the same casino game at the same time. This form of play of course gives a more genuine feeling and is a wonderful complement to previous ways of playing casino games. Many online casinos offer this service and believe that the game form of casino games will get bigger and bigger. We always want to be updated about new casino games on the market and if we ourselves have not written about anything, you are most welcome to contact us with views and ideas about which casino games we should write about.

Casino Games 2022
If you want to play hundreds and hundreds of casino games in 2022, Kasinos Online is definitely the right site for you to visit on a regular basis. Here we will follow the development in the gaming market where gaming providers such as Microgaming, Betsoft and NetEnt release new slot machines, slots, tables, card games and live games on the assembly line. Casino games 2022 will be better than they are today. Everything points to a really good gaming experience. Look back here on the page again soon where we always report on the latest.

Casino Games Roulette

Roulette, sometimes also spelled roulette, is common in casinos. Not least online. Many of the casinos we market here at have this game of chance among their categories. Roulette is a rotating bowl that is numbered from 0 to 36. The zero is green and the remaining numbers are every other red, every other black. This variant is called European, or French. There is also an American variant, where the bowl consists of two zeros, which increases the chances of winning for the casino at Which is good for you! The bowl rotates in one direction and a ball is thrown away so that it rotates in the opposite direction. During the time that the ball rotates, players place their chips on a cloth.

The chips that players wager can either be color chips that are individual to each individual player, but they can also consist of cash chips, chips that have a specific value. If you as a player choose to play with colored chips, the player needs to change these in connection with him leaving the table. This is so that new players will have the opportunity to use this color in their game.

In French, Roulette means the little wheel and was invented by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician. However, it was later, in the 19th century, that the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc developed the Roulette that is played today in casinos all over the world. Games like this were banned in France at this time, which led the Blanc brothers to aim for Bad Homburg and Monte Carlo.

Game rules – Roulette
Roulette consists of a bowl with 37 compartments, numbered 0-37. 1-36 is alternately in red and black respectively. The zero has a green color. In American roulette, there are two zeros. Each game starts with the bowl spinning in one direction and the croupier, the game leader, throwing the ball in the opposite direction.

When the ball has finished spinning and thus stopped in one of the numbered slots, the croupier must orally confirm to the players which number the ball has stopped on, which is also the winning number. If the ball’s rotation path is affected by external factors during the game round, the croupier must confirm the replay. During replay, the ball is stopped and placed in a new rotation path.

The players standing around the roulette table must bet money by using colored chips or cash chips. Only one player may use chips of a specific color. In the event of a win, the player gets back his chips and receives the win that is applied to his specific game bet. The remaining chips, those that did not receive any winnings, are removed from the table by the croupier after each game.

To increase your chances of winning at roulette, we have taken a look at this. In this guide, we go through which casino games have the lowest advantage for the house. There you can read about both the French and the American version of roulette and the percentage advantage of the house. It can always be worth thinking about what the conditions look like before you start playing roulette at a casino. If you ever feel unsure of how big the advantage is in a particular game and you can not find info if there is always customer service available.

Free Spins Without Deposit

Free spins without a deposit are, as the name implies, completely free spins that you only get in return for registering at the casino. With such free spins, it is possible to win just real money, so there is no question of any play. The atmosphere is completely different than when playing with play money, for example. Free spins without a deposit are the perfect way to get to know the casino or a particular game. However, free spins available without a deposit may be subject to certain conditions. They may have a fixed profit ceiling and are most likely to be subject to a recycling requirement.

The online casino industry has become increasingly competitive as new sites open to the market virtually every week. This is exclusively good news for online casino customers as better deals are available from more and more gaming venues on a regular basis. Casinos compete fiercely with each other, and as a result, it is now increasingly possible to redeem various free no deposit bonus offers at, such as free spins or cash bonuses.

Players today sit firmly in the driver’s seat as they choose from the various bonuses offered by the casino sites they want. Redeeming free bonuses allows you to access the features of various online casinos completely free of charge without having to invest your own funds in the games. This is especially useful when the site is not already familiar. Of course, free spins without a deposit also make it possible to win just the right prize money.

What are free spins without a deposit?
Free spins are, as the name implies, rounds of play offered by online casinos completely free of charge for a particular game or game on the site. Most commonly, free spins are tied to a specific game and start automatically when a player opens that game. Sometimes free spins may be divided into some separate game groups and sometimes even almost all of the slot games offered by the casino site. Today, almost all online casinos offer free spins in some form.

Free spins are often activated when a player first makes a deposit to the site. Free spins on the deposit, on the other hand, work, as the name suggests, without the need to make a deposit. The trigger for these is normally that the player registers on the site as a new customer and opens the game or games being offered. Getting free spins right after you sign up but before your first deposit is a safe and easy way to get to know the online casino.

For online casinos, free spins are a great way to both attract players to their site, but also proud to showcase their offerings. Such offers can be both a good competitive advantage and help raise the profile of an online casino from a sea of competitors. After getting to try the games for free with the first rounds, it is also even easier for the player to take the next step and make a deposit on the site. Free spins without a deposit are largely a good situation for both casino sites and players.