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Live Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Sic Bo is purely a dice game and it doesn’t come with a lot of surprises. It is a fact that most players try to play with their lucky numbers or try something else to feel better about their bet.

But, the truth is that while playing, one should play the game very practically and try to improve the chance of winning by picking up the bets that have the lowest house edges.

Stick with Low-Risk Bets: In Sic Bo, playing with Small and Big Bets is one of the best and safest winning strategies. A small bet pays a player if the number gets hit between 4 to 10. And a

big bet pays a player if the number gets hit between 11 to 17. Thus, if the odds of hitting the number are high, the wager will be low and will get the Payouts 1:1.

Medium Risk Betting Strategy: The medium risk strategy won’t break your bank balance. In this, place your chips on multiple numbers on the betting board and play smartly to make sure

that you have four different chances of winning something on each roll.

Advantages of Live Sic Bo:

Live Sic Bo is a game that most players prefer to play at their own pace. Also, there is no waiting around for other players to play their bet, you need to click and start rolling. There are some other benefits too which make the game more interesting:

The main advantage of playing with live dealers is that a player gets a safe and secure gaming ambiance like a physical casino.
All the casinos listed below provide fully tested casino software with an HD quality gaming experience.
A player will get the function of a chat box to interact with the live dealer and with other players about the queries and can make a social network online.
If a player has queries, they can contact the casinos who provide 24*7 customer support with live chat.
A player can easily deposit and withdraw money through a highly encrypted payment method.
All live dealer games are mobile, laptop and tablet responsive, which allows playing in your comfort area.
A player can enjoy welcome bonuses, free spins and other benefits too and to remain updated!

Choosing an Online Casino

Choosing the right online casino has massive benefits to you as a player and you will nearly always be rewarded heavily for becoming a loyal customer at any respected casino, as one of the biggest money markets on the internet, it is very worth them keeping hold of customers and they will do lots to keep you.

Avoid the Rogues
The main reason people gamble online is in the hope that they will win money and the last thing you need to happen if you do win is for the casino operator to refuse to pay you, which can be prevented quite easily by choosing a respected, regulated casino that is audited regularly and properly licensed.
There are quite a few rogue casinos and these should obviously be avoided at all costs. Rogue casinos are identified by a number of factors including non-payment of winnings, rigged odds and unfairly treating customers. We carefully review every online casino featured on this site to ensure that they are absolutely 100% genuine casino operators who will treat you well, give you a fair game and pay you your winnings promptly.

Casino Software

There are several different types of casino software and it is worth trying a good selection, we currently recommend software from several different software providers and will be adding more to this list very soon.

Playtech – Founded in 1999, Playtech has become a well-established gaming solution for hundreds of online casinos.
Microgaming – One of the oldest serving and most successful casino software providers to date, established in 1994
Rival Gaming – One of the software types to be available for both Windows and Mac users, Rival Gaming have made a big impression on Casino players with their interactive slot games I-Slots.
Odds On Gaming – Founded in 1998, this software provider has always been fairly good, but after a recent upgrade to their software they have been propelled well into the top of the casino software league
All providers give you a huge selection of games and each play and feels very different. It is worth trying at least one casino from each of the providers to find the one you find feels best for you.

Slot Machine Tips

Slots are a very entertaining casino game to play. It allows its players to enjoy playing a casino game of chance with the promise of a profit to win if they get lucky. Unlike other casino games that involve the player’s skill to improve their winning odds, slot gaming is not one where a player can influence the outcome of the game as it is based on independent and random results which are highly unpredictable.

Slot gambling is purely a game of chance and there is nothing a slot player can do in order to affect the outcome of the game. But there are some slot tips that can be helpful for slot player to improve their luck and winning odds to enjoy a more profitable and entertaining game of slots.

Most of the common slot tips that are applied by savvy players are, that they play with discipline and self-control. There are also slot players who follow an effective slot tip of playing only with a play and run slot strategy which allows them to put limits on their slot wagering activities and to find a good-paying slot machine to play.

A basic and practical slot tip to keep in mind is never to leave the slot machine without cashing out your winnings. It is too often that many slot players forget to press the cash out button before leaving with the coins they have won left on the machine.

Once the next player of the slot machine discovers the left slot coins, it would be hard to prove that the coins are yours if ever you come back and still find the coins you won from the slot machine. It would need a lot of effort to convince the player that the coins are yours and not theirs. One can get lucky enough to have an honest gambler to play next to them and would be kind enough to give them back their coins.

Another slot tip to keep in mind is to remember that it is not a good idea to put back into the slot machine the coins you have won as it can make you lose track of your losses and winnings from the slot machine.

It is a wiser step to keep a separate wallet to keep your winnings and another one to keep the amount you intend to spend for a particular slot machine session. This way it allows you to keep track of whether you are up or down on the game.

A good slot tip will be to play on slot tournaments where the entry is lower but with a higher jackpot at stake. Being an inexpensive alternative to slot gambling, one can enjoy better Payouts to win from a slot tournament.

Another profitable slot tip is to make a point of availing of free cash incentives offered by casinos in the form of bonuses which are free money to use for slot gambling. This can offer a slot player the perfect opportunity to play slot games using the casino money with the potential to win a profit.

Texas Hold’em Winning Systems

A good way to practice Hold’em is to deal two hole cards and a flop. Don’t look at the down cards. Look, instead, at your flop and figure out what the very best possible hand could be. Now look at your cards and think about where they stand in relation to the best hand. After you become proficient in recognizing potential hands from the flop, pretend you are in early, then middle, then late position and deal again. Now decide what you would do in any of those situations in relation to the strength of your hand.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Hold’em, you’re ready to move into more subtle moves particularly bluffing. Much money is won (and lost) through bluffing and most players bluff when they are in a late position.

If you never bluff in Hold’em, even at the low limits, you will probably never win any significant amount of money. But, to bluff successfully, you must have a basic understanding of odds, particularly pot odds in relation to your odds of winning. If you don’t have a full grasp of odds and probabilities, here are some general guidelines for bluffing.

Bluff if the pot is big and you haven’t made your hand by the time the last card comes in especially if you are up against only one player who has checked to you. The reasoning here is that your opponent probably had a drawing hand that didn’t materialize. He might have a small pair, even a big pair, but be unwilling to call another bet because he doesn’t think he’s strong enough to invest any more money. In the meantime, if you have a losing hand and check as well, you’re most likely going to lose.

A bluffing wager might drive your opponent out, in which case you earn good money. Even if your opponent calls and you lose, you lose only one extra wager. (Say the pot is $160 and the last bet costs you $8. You can bluff in this situation 20 times, win just one and not lose money. Win two and you make money.) Bluff against good players. Good players are more likely to fold drawing hands or weak hands.

These players can be intimidated easily. They might have drawing hands, weak hands, or even strong hands, but they have no inner strength. They’re afraid of losing or looking bad at showdown time. You can start bluffing them from the flop to the river and count on them to fold more often than not when the last bet is made.

A ragged flop such as two-six-eight probably won’t make anyone whoop for joy (unless they’re all suited and somebody has two of the same suit in his hand, particularly with an Ace or king). If you have an eight, a six, or even a high card, you can try bluffing and getting as many players out as quickly as possible.

In the article about basic casino poker, we mentioned that the buy-in for low-limit poker is generally $20. Truly, this is not enough to play Hold’em because the game can accommodate 10 or 11 players. To be assured of getting enough action in low-limit Hold’em, you should be willing to invest about $100 per session.

You don’t want to be all-in very often because you will lose the opportunity to take advantage of strong hands. If you intend to play only once or twice a year, you can adjust the amount you are willing to invest in any particular session. If you like the game, invest in a book or two to help expand your knowledge­, particularly on starting hands and odds. It might take 100 actual playing sessions to get the table experience you need before you start winning regularly. Above all, don’t be intimidated by other players in your game.

Play Live Dealer Casino

You have reached the Live Dealer Casino page. Below are the different kinds of Live Dealer Online Casinos that you love, including helpful hints, tips, reviews, welcome bonuses and detailed information to help you improve your game and your chances of winning. In this section of our site, we’ve decided to give our players the opportunity to meet the live dealers. Read full detail about the live dealers that you will get to know when you play the live dealer games through our site. If you are interested in finding out more about the live dealers, then this section will definitely be of special interest to you.

Live Dealers Section, we like to offer our online players a top-notch experience, big entertainment and the best in customer service. With this option, you can enjoy playing your favorite casino games at home with a live dealer! We are proud to be able to offer you the option of bringing the virtual world of online casinos together with real-life land-based casino features in the comfort and convenience of playing in your own home. That is why we have the widest range of online casino games from the leading brands, including live games, table and cards games, poker, and even progressive games than any other Internet gambling site around. This is something you cannot find in many online casinos. You’ll find only the best, look no further than our sites that give you:

  • Real dealers are presented to players through live streaming. Thus, you can enjoy gameplay in real-time, enhancing the casino experience.
  • The widest range of live dealer games to choose from, including Live Baccarat, Craps, Progressive Slots, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Poker and more.
  • Verified sites with convenient deposit methods, including Master Card, Neteller, Paysafe Card, PugglePay, Skrill, Visa, Web Money and more.
  • Real-life casino gaming experience. As you can communicate and interact with the live dealer and it’s just like being at a real casino.

There are many online casinos that offer basic software, basic games, and basic play to their players. But we strive to go a little further in order to make the player’s experience more involved, more interesting and ultimately more fun. Through the latest online technological developments, we have developed a system that integrates real live dealers with the casino software.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and try your luck at all of the different games listed here. Whether you’re a beginner or a casino veteran, you will find anything and everything you need at Live Dealers. And if it’s your first time playing an online casino game with a live dealer, it may have a wonderful and pleasant experience. We’re sure that once you try the casino games featuring live dealers here, you’ll be impressed by how they play out.

Live Dealer Baccarat Casino

Baccarat is one of the most popular Card games in the Casino industry. The game is immensely liked and available in both types of Casinos i.e. land-based and online casinos. Our live baccarat section offers you:

  • Top Live Baccarat online casinos list.
  • Chance to play with a live dealer! Instead of having computerized software.
  • Receive a big welcome/signup bonus to help you get on the road to winning.
  • More realistic and exciting time from the comfort of your own home.
  • Excellent Customer support for the players.
  • Able to bring the thrilling casino atmosphere of the virtual world and the land-based to our players.

We’re committed to providing you with the super casino experience. Keeping this in mind our experts reviewed all the casino sites and shortlisted only the top ones, and offered live dealer baccarat games. All the listed sites have been independently reviewed in the last 12 months to provide you with the most pleasurable & safe online casino experience! Find all of your favorite baccarat Casinos with welcome/signup bonuses and helpful tips to help you get on the road to winning. So go on and get started!

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

To play Live Dealer Baccarat at, you must first open an account in a casino that offers live dealer games. then you need to make a deposit into your casino account. After this, you can easily navigate all the live dealer settings of your casino. In your Live Dealer Baccarat game: there is a live video transmission through which you can see a real baccarat dealer at a casino table. There is also a chat box available where you can interact with the dealer by answering questions or even just talking.

To play the hands, you must first place a bet. The dealer will not place the bet on the table until you have specified your bet. After showing that you are ready, the dealer will hand the cards according to the baccarat rules. There should be a camera that gives you an enlarged view of how the cards are distributed. There is also a scanner that reveals the cards when they are dispensed. As a rule, this method is used to make it easier for the online casino player to see the cards better at home at the computer. At the end of each hand, the dealer will credit your winnings to your account.

Live Baccarat Bonuses
An easy way to do this is by taking advantage of the special promotions and bonuses the live casinos have to offer. When you visit this Live Dealers Baccarat page you will find the latest information about the casinos, the welcome bonuses offered, the reviews and detailed information on what each of them has to offer. You can find out where to get the most for your money before you make a deposit at any Live Casino!

Blackjack gambler strategies: counting hands

Blackjack gambler outcomes are closely linked to the house in more ways than one. A player goes first, which is to say that even if they bust their stake is to go to the dealer even if they themselves bust afterward. Every professional blackjack gambler has been, therefore, trying to find a way to turn card counting to their advantage.

Card counting is the usual blackjack strategy. It does take lots of practice, but once mastered, it can be used in other casino card games as well. Card counters try memorizing the cards that have already come out. In this way, a blackjack gambler is able to lower the house edge simply by having a clue what card might come up next. Eventually, the blackjack gambler might manage to memorize the deck card order. E.g., if you know whether all of the high cards have been dealt, you’ll know that only lower values cards remain in the deck.

Card counting is much easier in online blackjack gambler games, as no one will be able to see you. Also, you may write down the cards that have come out, though you should keep the time limit in mind. In fact, many blackjack gambler has used this fact to their advantage before attempting a live blackjack game.

Of course, this strategy is quite risky when attempted in a land-based casino, as casino staff will be watching you. Counting cards in blackjack isn’t forbidden, but you may actually be asked to leave. With online blackjack gambler games, this risk is completely eliminated.

This blackjack gambler strategy is well known in online casinos, too. Therefore, keep in mind that you might encounter some advanced methods to keep card counters at bay. Some of these include using multiple packs of cards, splitting the deck in two, etc. Sometimes, the remaining decks may be hidden for the sole purpose of preventing you count the cards.

This is not a common practice, however. If you make sure to always play blackjack in licensed online casinos, such things are unlikely to happen. Plus, let us not forget that you’ll be given free bonuses. Use them to practice counting hands! No other blackjack strategy is likely to help you increase your odds of winning more than this one.

At Blackjack Gambler, you’ll also find the finest selection of online casinos offering generous bonuses. It goes without saying that they are licensed and secure and that payouts are guaranteed. Sign up today to collect the best bonuses and perfect your blackjack strategy for free!

Blackjack wagering essentials

Online blackjack is popular and easy to play, not to mention it can be played for free. Namely, online casinos offer free bonuses to all new gamblers, so you may well get to knowing the rules and coming up with your own blackjack strategy without investing a single penny. The objective of a blackjack wagering game is to get a score of 21. The sequence of events in a blackjack game is, as follows:

Two face-down cards are dealt with the player;
Two face-down cards are dealt with the banker;
Placing bets.

The essentials of blackjack wagering terminology are:

Hit’ or ‘Draw’: Drawing another card to get a higher total. The action is referred to as “hitting”.

‘Bust’: If your score exceeds 21, you will bust (lose) the match.

Splitting Pairs: The first two cards dealt with you are called a pair. If you wish, you may choose to split them into two separate hands.

Double Down: The action of doubling the bet on the original hand. This step is optional.

Insurance: When the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, you may opt for insurance. Its worth is half less than the original wager. If the dealer reaches the objective, you’ll win the match (the payout is 2-1). If blackjack isn’t achieved, the dealer will win the match.

Surrender: Another optional rule. You may choose to abandon your original hand and lose half of the bet instead of the full sum. And these would be the blackjack wagering essentials, that will help you make the best decision regardless of the situation. At Blackjack Wagering, you’ll find listed the best licensed online blackjack sites offering generous bonuses to all new players. Sign up today to play your favorite game in some of the best-loved casinos on the web!

Basic Guide to Roulette

Roulette online isn’t a very complicated game and it doesn’t take hours of study to get into it. New online players might think that this game can be played without any preparations whatsoever. If you are lucky this strategy might work out but the best way to approach any casino game online is with information and understanding. You will certainly recognize the wheel and the rules in the online format but don’t make any assumptions that everything is just the same as in a land-based casino.

Pick your Wheel
Just like in a land-based casino, the online casino will commonly have both European and American roulette. The American version comes with double zero and gives the House an even greater advantage. Don’t be silly! Pick the American version online as well. Something that could make your online roulette gaming even more exciting is to play a game with specials that you will only find in online casinos. Try new versions where there is a progressive jackpot tied to the game or where you can get into a tournament with the roulette wheel.

How to make a bet
Making a bet in an online game is easy. You will see the same layout of the roulette table as you would find in a land-based casino. You simply mark out the bet or bets you want to make and you will see on your screen how these stay marked as you bets during the game. You don’t have to feel stressed or worried to miss out on anything because you start the wheel yourself by pressing the button to start the game.

The Game is on
Blackjack online is very automatic and once the game is one there isn’t much you can do to stop it. The results are controlled by the computer so you get fair results. You want to make sure to have a solid internet connection because if you are bumped out of the game due to a failure of your connection there isn’t much you can do about it. Some casino software had backup plans for this but it is better to make sure to have the proper equipment and not to count on software that saves results.

Saving Bets for the Next Round
If you play in a land-based casino you can sometimes let your bet stand in the same place for another round. Everyone sees that the chips belong to you since they have a specific color. In online games, you don’t necessarily have this function. Each game will be a new start and you won’t recognize other players participating, even in the live online versions.

Cashing out Prize Money
To cash out your roulette winnings you go to the casino bank or cashier. There you can decide to make a withdrawal of your roulette prize or simply use it for more fun gaming. Roulette online is very easy to play. Pick the right wheel, make your bets and make sure to play on solid computer equipment.

Advantages of Playing Blackjack Online

Online blackjack lets the player enjoy more gaming for less money and the possibility of improving his skills without ever leaving the comfort of his computer seat.

Blackjack for Everyone: Blackjack is such an exciting game that it has been the focus of books and movies. Most seem to know something about this game but not everyone feels brave enough to try it out in a land-based casino. In the online casino, anyone can try blackjack without feeling stressed about what other players will think or say about their level. This makes the game open to anyone in a very relaxed way. Most casinos give tutorials for the beginner so that the game will be easy to understand even for someone who never tried it before.

Free Practice: Another great advantage to playing blackjack online is that you can play it for free in many online casinos. For sure, the free blackjack will never be an exact copy of the original game but it is a great start for the beginner player. Make use of basic blackjack strategy charts and try them out on a free version. This is also a great opportunity to check out how the casino works in general by being aware of how the games flow and making use of the customer service for questions.

More Games for the Money: With some good planning, you can get more blackjack games for your money online. First of all, it is possible to play games that demand very small bets but what might be even more important are the many bonuses and promotions available in good online casinos. By making use of welcome bonuses and reload bonuses you can make sure that you always have more to play for and this will give you more rounds of fun and exciting blackjack.

Blackjack 24/7: The Internet does not have closing hours and therefore you can enjoy your favorite game of blackjack at any time of the day. This gives you the freedom to plan your hobby just as you like it. If you plan to participate in a blackjack tournament you should consider that the starting times will be set to the crowd that plays in the casino. This means that the casinos geared at the European audience will have tournaments opening at times that suit them and the American casinos will be the opposite.

Community and Interaction: For the one that wants to improve his blackjack online play is the best choice. There is plenty of advice to get from professionals for free. Through forums, you can interact with other players and learn their secrets to better blackjack. This will both improve your gaming and give you the enjoyment of making new friends that share your interest in online blackjack. Playing blackjack online is the best choice for the one that likes to get a lot of games for a little money and the opportunity to interact with other enthusiasts at all hours.