No deposit casino offers are rare, but not unusual. Deposit-free free spins can be part of the casino’s loyalty program. In principle, loyal customers can also receive bonus money without depositing their own money. Online casinos strive to succeed in the competition by inventing new and always more original casino offers.

A casino offer can also mean:

  • Cashback bonuses (e.g. 10% cashback on net losses incurred during the week).
  • Loyal customer offers: a loyal customer can receive an invitation to a raffle, free spins and other valuable benefits.
  • Vip offers: the vip customer’s bonus can be tailored based on his playing habits.
  • Tournaments: tournaments and competitions offer the chance to win extra prizes by playing.
    Surprise prizes, such as birthday surprises or christmas gifts.

All the different offers mentioned above are intended specifically for old players. A new customer is expected to be a regular customer. Continuous offers for old customers are used to engage the player – there is a risk that the customer will switch casinos after casino offers aimed at new customers. You may only get the best casino offers as a vip customer. Other than the biggest casinos have also established a vip program. The player receives a personal invitation if he meets the requirements of a very important person customer.

Casino offers without wagering

Many players – myself included – are of the opinion that the best casino offers are wager-free. Online casino offers without rolling make me squeal with joy, and of course i make sure to tell you readers about a good casino offer as well. The recycling requirement can ruin even a good bonus. Even if the recycling requirement is reasonable in itself, the rules and conditions can be forgotten during the games.

It’s a shame to realize too late that the bonus was only valid for a week, or that your favorite game didn’t fulfill the recycling 100%. If the wagering requirement is not met in accordance with all the conditions, the bonus will be voided, and it will be very annoying. It is unlikely that any casino would offer bonus money without wagering requirements, but wager-free free spins. If you win these cash rounds, you are free to play or withdraw your winnings. So you don’t have to worry about time, game or, for example, bet restrictions.

Non sticky bonuses are almost as good as casino offers without wagering. The non sticky bonus is cancelable if you prefer to claim your winnings. The right of cancellation is valid as long as you play with your own money. In general, the player must play the deposit he made first. The bonus will only be released after this. If you have already started playing with bonus money, even the non-sticky bonus cannot be canceled anymore.