Books on Internet Gambling

Books on Internet Gambling

When it comes to online casino, the first place a prospective player would think to look is, well, on the internet. While it is true that anything someone would want to know about online betting can be found there, a more traditional approach to research also lends excellent results.

In this case, a more traditional approach means reading a book. Once again, as with all other aspects of internet gambling, there is a lot from which to choose. In days of old when someone wanted to find a good book they would go to a library. In most cases that would be a good idea, but, unless someone is thinking of going to the Library of Congress (which maintains a collection of most all books published in the United States), the search might come up wanting except in the state of Nevada where gambling is a leading industry.

Search Online

Therefore, for internet users who want to know about internet gambling, the place to look for books on the subject is the internet’s leading literary resource – Amazon. A search there for books on internet gambling will yield more than 50 results, probably more than enough to satisfy even the most avid reader. Of course, there are many other book sellers on the internet. Most of them probably contain almost as good a selection. If someone finds a bookstore that could match an internet search for online gambling books, it probably would be a very rare specialty store.

The selection on the internet of online gambling books includes both the “Idiots” and “Dummies” series and volumes on a plethora of other topics. There are editions available that cover all major aspects of internet gambling, including which sites are best, strategies for playing the various games, and analyses of the legal issues of the industry.

Internet Poker

Books may be the best resource for those interested solely in playing internet poker. The recent popularity of poker and online poker tournaments has proved fertile fodder for experts in the field. Several of the most popular selections concentrate on the poker variation known as Texas Hold ‘Em, the game featured most on television. Several others cover internet poker more generally and just about all of them promise the teach readers “how to beat the odds.”

Another good source for reading material about internet gambling is the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, the university devotes a good deal of scholarly study to the gaming industry and internet gambling is a hot topic. Although it might be a long way to go to check out a book from the college library, many of their studies and reports on the subject also can be accessed online.

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