Blackjack gambler strategies: counting hands


Blackjack gambler outcomes are closely linked to the house in more ways than one. A player goes first, which is to say that even if they bust their stake is to go to the dealer even if they themselves bust afterward. Every professional blackjack gambler has been, therefore, trying to find a way to turn card counting to their advantage.

Card counting is the usual blackjack strategy. It does take lots of practice, but once mastered, it can be used in other casino card games as well. Card counters try memorizing the cards that have already come out. In this way, a blackjack gambler is able to lower the house edge simply by having a clue what card might come up next. Eventually, the blackjack gambler might manage to memorize the deck card order. E.g., if you know whether all of the high cards have been dealt, you’ll know that only lower values cards remain in the deck.

Card counting is much easier in online blackjack gambler games, as no one will be able to see you. Also, you may write down the cards that have come out, though you should keep the time limit in mind. In fact, many blackjack gambler has used this fact to their advantage before attempting a live blackjack game.

Of course, this strategy is quite risky when attempted in a land-based casino, as casino staff will be watching you. Counting cards in blackjack isn’t forbidden, but you may actually be asked to leave. With online blackjack gambler games, this risk is completely eliminated.

This blackjack gambler strategy is well known in online casinos, too. Therefore, keep in mind that you might encounter some advanced methods to keep card counters at bay. Some of these include using multiple packs of cards, splitting the deck in two, etc. Sometimes, the remaining decks may be hidden for the sole purpose of preventing you count the cards.

This is not a common practice, however. If you make sure to always play blackjack in licensed online casinos, such things are unlikely to happen. Plus, let us not forget that you’ll be given free bonuses. Use them to practice counting hands! No other blackjack strategy is likely to help you increase your odds of winning more than this one.

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