One of the really big trends in the casino world in recent years is mobile casino. It has gone so far that it is not possible to make a serious investment in opening an online casino if you cannot offer your players a chance to take part in slot machines, slots and other entertainment via a mobile device. In that case, we are primarily referring to mobile phones and tablets. The term mobile casino itself can be defined in slightly different ways. Some think of pure mobile casinos. So online casinos that only bet on users who use mobile platforms, or at least had this target group in mind when they developed their mobile casino.

In that sense, a mobile casino is a casino that is known for having many games that are adapted for mobile devices. A mobile casino can also be a special department of a casino, which also has games that do not work on mobile platforms, i.e. A regular standard casino. There you simply click into the mobile casino after you have gone to the casino’s home page and logged in to your account. We have chosen to arrange this article so that we ask the most common questions people usually have about mobile casinos in the headlines, and then we try to answer them in the subsequent paragraphs.

Hope you will learn everything you need to know about this important part of the casino hobby. However, we start with a small glossary to make the text easier to follow.

App – a mobile app you need to download in order to play at certain casinos.

Progressive page – website that adapts to the size of your screen.

Slot machines and slots – two names for the most common type of game in a mobile casino. Online casinos that have owners as target group.

Mobile devices – both mobile phones and tablets.

Online casinos have been around for quite some time now. But mobile casinos are still a relatively new phenomenon that only grows and grows. Why is it like that? The explanation is actually quite simple. When the first casinos opened their doors to the internet, mobile technology was not developed enough to be able to play the games on mobile phones. Tablets did not yet exist.

Although the slot machines were simpler than today’s games, the phones did not have good enough screens or enough processing power to play them. All the slots, and all the other entertainment that you could take part in, at the first generation casinos were simply developed for desktop computers.

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