Become Familiar with Ring Tables and Tournaments

Become Familiar with Ring Tables and Tournaments

Poker on-line is has become one of the best sources of entertainment with many advantages over traditional home poker tables. Many players that enjoyed playing poker at home with friends can now enjoy all the advantages that poker on-line has to offer in casinos When a new player enters the field of on-line poker there are so many varieties in the games and in the tournaments that he may feel confused over what to choose and why to choose it. Here we will explain the different poker events making it easy for you to understand the different varieties both for cash games and tournaments.

The Ring Tables

You can choose a ring table in order to start playing your favorite poker game at once. Ring tables are available throughout the day and night. One of their greatest advantages is that you can join or leave a table at any time. Most poker players switch ring tables after some rounds and they do it because they do not want their opponents to become familiar with their way of playing. Ring tables are a good opportunity to build your bankroll but on the other hand they have a greater risk.

They are divided according to bet limits and to the number of players that sit at the table.

Low Limits Vs Expensive Tables

You can select a table with a very low bet limit (most poker sites feature tables that start from 0.02 cents) or a more expensive one. When you join a ring table it is better to have a certain budget that you are willing to spend and you can certainly afford loosing. In this way you will be able to enjoy your game and play more freely. A good advice is to have in money one hundred times the value of the Big Blind. For example if you join a table where the limit is $1, having $100 to spend at the certain table can make you feel quite comfortable. The higher the blind is the greater the risk is. At the other hand so is the award. In order to check if a table generates good awards you must check the average pot. In this way you can estimate the initial bet/the average pot and find a table that suits better both your budget and you’re expecting revenue.

Ten seated Vs Six Seated Tables

The ring tables are also divided according to the numbers of seats they have available. Prefer a ten seated table if you are looking for a greater pot and more chances to build your bankroll. Six seated tables are faster since there are fewer players who act. You can also estimate better the way your opponents play. At the other hand the average pot is smaller.


Tournaments are the core of on-line poker. They attract much more players than regular tables and this is because they offer greater rewards with a minimum risk. There are many events where you can participate and in every poker site you will have the chance to participate in unique tournaments or to access international events through satellite tournaments.

Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments start when all the available seats are reserved by the players. For example if a Sit & Go tournament offers 10 seats the event will begin when 10 players register. Another characteristic of Sit & Go tables is that they do not exceed two hours of play in duration. If you want to play in a tournament but you do not wish to last it more than an hour then Sit&Go; Tournaments are ideal for you.

Multi-table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments are the most popular tournaments on-line. They have become so popular because they offer great prize pools with a minimum risk for the players that participate. For example you can join a tournament with a $5 buy-in in order to win $3.000 in cash. Multi-table tournaments are scheduled events. If you want to participate you must join the table at a specific date and time. The number of the participants varies according to the buy-in but in general multi-table allow entries for up to 2.000 contestants so be prepared to play for a long period of time and to do your best against a great range of players. Multi-table tournaments are also divided in certain categories according to the initial buy-in, the number of the buy-ins allowed and the prize they offer.

Multi-table Tournaments Free rolls

Free rolls tournaments are for free. The participants do not have to pay any entry fees so these tournaments are sponsored by the poker site. They are a great opportunity for beginners to become acquainted with tournaments and win some free money. If you decide to join a free roll tournament prepare yourself for long hours of play and many players on-line.

Multi-table Tournaments with Re-buys

Re-buys are a great asset for the players that can afford spending more money in tournaments. A tournament with Re-buys allows to the players that lose their chip to re-buy again and refill their bankroll. In this way loosing becomes harder. The re-buy period usually last for the first hour of play. During the re-buy hour all players are in a way protected since they can refill their chips and continue with their game.

Multi-table Tournaments with Guaranteed Prize Pool

Guaranteed Multi-table Tournaments are among the most famous tournaments and the reason for that is obvious. The prize pool is determined even before the registration opens and is sponsored by the poker site rather than depending on the number of the participants. There are many and great multi-table tournaments with guaranteed prize pool offered at every poker site available on-line.

Satellite Tournaments

Finally as an on-line poker player you will definitely come across satellite tournaments. They are the entrance to bigger poker events such as the Poker Tour or the World Poker Tour or they can provide you a free entry to a special event sponsored by the poker site. Satellite tournaments are in a way the cheapest way to claim a participation in a rather expensive tournament.

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