A tight aggressive style is perhaps the most used among the players. This means that you only play the good hands, and when these first appear, you drive in hard bets. Then you earn respect among the other players around the table. Even if the strategy is good, respect can get the better of you, and if no one joins your hands, the gains are rarely large.

Slow games are the opposite of a tight aggressive style. Here you sit on good hands, but check instead of increasing the pot. It is because one wants to hide one’s hands. Often this online poker casino strategy can be successful against players who play loosely and aggressively. If you notice that one of the players is playing almost every hand aggressively, then with this strategy you can play passively and let them build up the pot for you.

Position is perhaps even more important than sitting with good cards. Whoever plays their cards last in a round gets to analyze all the other casino players, and can also increase the pot after several others have raised. This puts pressure on the other players, and whoever is in position can often squeeze out other players – which increases the chance of heads-up, a game that is easier to count on.

You can’t get away from the bluff. This is perhaps the term that is best known from poker, then associated with poker face. A bluff occurs when you play with a hand that is not particularly good, and then often has nothing but, for example, 10 high.

If, for example, you are heads-up against an opponent who you have previously seen fold on several occasions, then this strategy can work. A good bluff occurs when, for example, the table hints at potential flushes or straights, but you see from your opponent’s bets that they do not have this. Then you can trick them, and win even with a really bad hand.

All of the above strategies are about how you should act with your cards. Still, perhaps the most important thing about poker is that you know your opponents. Often the pros will study hours of clips of each other to pick up small details, such as a player scratching his ear at a good hand!

Stare downs, or simply staring in good players, have also become a strategy in international poker. It is completely legal, and the players who use it say that they are able to read their opponents because this makes the opponent so uncomfortable. Just imagine that someone was staring at you for ages – keeping the mask is a lot harder then.

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